Graduation ceremony | Photo: Sanauallah Siffat

16 Persons with disabilities graduated vocational training course in Laghman

Upon completion of eight months vocational training, a number of 16 persons with disabilities (PwDs) including 11 females graduated from Swedish Committee for Afghanistan vocational training programme in eastern Laghman province, providing them an opportunity of self-employment to feed their families with honour and respect.

The graduates were trained in embroidery and tailoring. They received their certificates and tools kits in order to support them is launching their own businesses and self-employment. Vocational training project is funded by Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency, and SCA is implementing it in Nangarhar, Laghman and Kunar provinces.

Abdul Basir Hashimi, Provincial Director of Labour, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled department appreciated SCA for arranging the vocational training. Addressing the graduation ceremony, he thanked SCA Disability Programme, saying that SCA is physically rehabilitating persons with disabilities and also provide them opportunities of respectable self-employment to feed their families with honour and respect.

“Vocational trainings are integrating persons with disabilities in the society and it also financially empower them. Referring to the vocational trainings.” He said such programs and activities should remain continued and persons with disabilities should be trained as according to their abilities.

Pordal Irfan, Director of Laghman Governor Office, addressed the ceremony on behalf of the Laghman Governor. He said that the provincial administration is committed to cooperate with SCA in their programmes which supports persons with disabilities in order to bring a change in the lives of persons with disabilities. He called on persons with disabilities to continue learning and participating in vocational trainings so they can feed their families.

Mohammad Agha Mobariz, Director of Laghman Economic Directorate, said “Persons with disabilities have the right to play their role in the society, adding that they can resolve their problems if they are provided proper trainings and learning opportunities.”

Faridullah Mushfiq, Manager of Disability Programme in eastern region also addressed the graduation ceremony and recalled the activities and programmes for the physio-economic, social and literally rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, being carried out by the SCA.

He said “SCA provides special education for the children with disabilities. Those who have physical disabilities and are unable to enrol in schools, they are provided in-house education along with physical rehabilitation. Similarly, SCA is training them in different vocational trainings in order to get the opportunity of having a continues financial sources of income.”

Abdul Aziz of 18, is among others who successfully graduated from the vocational training. He learned tailoring. Today he received toolkits such as sewing machine and a certificate, which indicate his active participation in the vocational training.

“During the training, I learned basic reading and writing skills. Besides the training, I was paid for the meals and transportation cost,” he said adding that now I will start my own business and will support my family.

Until now I was supported by my family, but now I will support them, Aziz proudly said.