Aqila| Photo: Jawid Akram Nazari

Aqela's elegance and beauty

Aqela the blue-eyed girl is happy as she practices walking with a newly designed artificial leg, she feels comfort and find it easy to walk around. During practicing, she sometimes looks at the mirror and tries to look beautiful; she even tries to hide her disability. She is a teenage and the cosmetics, the quality of the artificial leg and her beauty seems very important to her.

 Aqela 11 years old girl has been under SCA’s disability program since 2009. She is a pure village girl; beauty and simplicity shines on her look. She has never been so much concerned about the amputation and its consequences as she is now, and the matter of quality of artificial leg has now been so important for her.

“I am satisfied with the new socket, it is soft and easy to use, I like the Swedish committee for Afghanistan they have been providing me legs, since I was child. I pray for the Swedish people because they help Afghan Children. Now I can walk and play so comfortably. also I like the SCA’s Staff specially Mr. Najebullah Mohebi” . Said  Aqila

 “One day in spring 2009 when Aqila was three years old playing in the yard with nine other children of her family, her elder brother had found a ferrous stuff and had brought it in his yard aiming to make something from it. He started sawing that iron that suddenly explosion happened. In that incidence four were killed and five others were injured. Aqela - innocent child was one of those injured who had lost her leg”. Said Mr. Ghaulam Sarwar, her grandfather.

“Children are not aware of disability and its consequences after amputation at the younger age, but as soon as they grow up, the matter of beauty and quality of artificial limbs – for girls in particular, becomes important. Thus, we must listen to them and pay attention to their demands; otherwise, they will not like the artificial limbs and will not use them” said Najebullah Mohebi, the orthopedic supervisor of disability program.

“After so many struggles I made a resolving defects and using various methods aiming to replace the old design “quadrilateral socket”, I have finally been succeeded in implementing a relatively new design called “Ischial Containment Socket”. Both theoretical study and practical practice of such method has led to  satisfaction of persons with disabilities which is a great achievement being undertaken at disability office of Ghazni province." Adds him

Function of such prostheses is better than the past; patient can have a good gait comparing to the old device as a result of improvements made in angles causing backache”.