A child whose father was upset for his birth, is going to school now

Abdul Wakil, who is now 8 years old, was born in Ghazni province's Qala-i- Jawz area in a poor family. Abdul Wakil's legs have been clubfeet since birth, and his father brought him to the Disability Office of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan on time, and for several years he has been making efforts to rehabilitate him and fortunately, his efforts did not go in vain and the rehabilitation of his child was carried out successfully by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

His father says “when Abdul Wakil was born, we became upset when we saw the condition of his legs because his legs were clubfeet and we did not believe he would be treated or be able to walk properly but when we came to the Disability Program of Ghazni Regional Management Office of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, health workers assured us that his legs’ rehabilitation is possible and since then his rehabilitation process has taken almost 8 years, until his legs are now transformed into normal position.”

One can observe Abdul Wakil's legs by looking to the photos, when he was an infant and had been plastered by health worker.

Abdul Wakil's father said that we did not believe that Abdul Wakil will live or study as a healthy child, but he is currently a second grade student at Qala -i- Jawz High.

When he goes to school, as a child he is engaged in entertainment and games with his other classmates. His teacher, Seyyed Zafarullah Sadat, says: “he is better than before, previously, I was worried about him to not fall and have an accident, but this year he has been very good, even better in learning the lessons. He comes from a distance of several kilometers every day, which represents the good services of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.”
Abdul Wakil is rescued from the problems that he had before and is now taking active part in his lessons.
The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan provides comprehensive assistance to the Afghans in need, that along with other programs of the SCA, the Disability Program is one of the major programmes of the organization.
Tens of children, women and men are provided services by the Ghazni’s Regional Management Office every day.