COVID-19 Weekly Update: GRMO

Introduction: Ghazni Regional Management Office (GRMO) implements Education, Disability and Rural Development programs in more the 700 villages of Ghazni, Paktika and Midan Wardak provinces.

GRMO has established the COVID-19 Response Team at the office level and it regularly conduct meetings about coronavirus relevant issues, follows suspected cases with close coordination of Provincial Health Directorates.  

The Ghazni Regional Office has been broadcasting radio messages about COVID-19 for public awareness-raising and has also published the brochures of the novel coronavirus symptoms as well as awareness-raising messages through posters in all its coverage areas.

All CBCs/CBSs Community Based Classes & Schools are started recently, teaching in small groups often eight students take part in each group, maintaining hygienic instructions and social distance. In addition, information about COVID-19 is provided by teachers to the students.

The Disability project, preparatory education of children with disabilities is also continued by the Special Education teachers in a way that the teacher goes to every student’s home with disability and teaches them individually. The (PRC) Physical Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled is also open for clients/patients where DP has also installed hand washing facilities. Staff at the Rehabilitation center are provided with masks and sanitizers.

CDMU has conducted a rapid assessment survey to address gender & human rights during the pandemic as well as to measure the negative effect of COVID-19 on SCA programs beneficiaries on various live aspects, socioeconomic, GBV Gender-Based Violence, health (prevention and treatment), disability,  and its impact on children.

All necessary preventive measures are taken to maintain safe and healthy working environment in the offices for GRMO staff.