COVID-19 Weekly Update: JRMO

Jalalabad Regional Management Office (JRMO) covers Nangarhar, Kunar, and Laghman provinces. The office implements Health, Education, Rural Development, and Disability Inclusive programmes. About 426 villages are getting benefit from SCA operations in these areas. This office also has a Liaison Office based in Mehtarlam of Laghman province.

The Education programme has conducted COVID-19 public awareness sessions for CBE Headteachers in Mehtarlam district of Laghman province. During these sessions, headteachers were demonstrated on handwashing, social distancing, and briefed them about recommendations from WHO and MoPH.

The Rural Development programme’s CLTS project has conducted COVID-19 awareness sessions to 700 individuals in the Shegal district of Kunar province.

The Disability programme staff had a daily briefing to all patients on COVID-19. Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) and Home Based Treatment (HBT) workers briefed people in rural areas on COVID-19 preventive measures. In the meantime, the Disability project restarted its classes for students with disabilities in the region by maintaining social distancing among the students and implementing preventive measures in the classes.

The office has produced and distributed 3000 COVID-19 prevention posters with close coordination of religious scholar’s council and Directorate of Haj and Religious Affairs of Nangarhar in the community. The posters were distributed in the mosques of 15 districts of Nangarhar province. Several radio messages and posters were also produced to increase public awareness regarding COVID-19 at the community level. 

JRMO has now some confirmed and suspected cases among its staff members.