COVID-19 Weekly Update: TRMO

Introduction: Badakhshan, Takhar, Kunduz and Baghlan provinces are covered by Taloqan Regional Management Office. This office implements Education, Rural Development, and Disability programmes in more than 800 villages. Taloqan Regional Management Office also has a Liaison Office in Kunduz.

- Following the MoE’s education service delivery alternative plan, TRMO and Kunduz Liaison Office KLO education projects have restarted all CBEs, coaching classes, and resource centers. Field staff and teachers of these projects are also providing awareness and shares hygiene, sanitation, and COVID-19 prevention messages to students, their parents, and community elders in project coverage areas.

- SCA’s Disability project has so far provided COVID-19 awareness sessions for 14 elders and headmasters of schools, 706 families through home education (HBE) and (HBT) and revolving loan units, 307 parents of persons with disabilities through physiotherapy clinics, 250 community people and persons with disabilities through special education unit, 14 people with a disability through self-service groups and for 35 key members of teachers councils, disability councils and health councils in project coverage areas.

- During the last week, the CCNPP project field staff conducted awareness-raising activities in two (Kunduz and Aliabad) districts Kunduz province. The awareness messages are shared with 22 local CDCs; 112 community people participated in these sessions and they are committed to sharing the messages regarding COVID-19 with their villagers.

- Communication materials such as magazines, brochures, banners, and videos regarding COVID-19 awareness were distributed to those who have less access to media, and it is also sent to local media outlets in Takhar and Kunduz provinces.

- There are now suspected and confirmed cases among TRMO staff.