COVID-19 Weekly Update: WRMO

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan is one of the organizations in Afghanistan which apart from implementing its planned programmes and operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, has taken strong steps to combat the spread of novel coronavirus through its offices in Afghanistan. We will be sharing with you our weekly COVID-19 updates from SCA’s regional management offices.

Introduction: Wardak Regional Management Office (WRMO) implements Education, Health, Rural Development, and Disability (Inclusive Education) programmes in more than 2000 villages of Maidan Wardak and Bamiyan provinces.

- SCA’s Programme Director Dr. Khalid Fahim and Dr. Ahmad Shah Pardis paid a visit to WRMO in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They met with Wardak Regional Management Office’s staff, visited COVID-19 isolation wards, and provincial hospital.

- Citizen’s Charter National Priority Programme, CCNPP’s project field staff conducted COVID-19 prevention awareness-raising sessions with 41 local Community Development Councils in three districts (Julriz, Maidan, and Behsood) of Wardak province, a total of 566 members of the CDs participated in these sessions.

- SCA’s CDMU is conducting a survey on COVID-19 pandemic's impact on children and the most vulnerable people in the communities, the data collection process is started recently, and the survey report will be finalized as soon as the data collection process is completed.

- The WRMO COVID-19 response project is going well in close coordination with the Ministry of Public Health.

- SEHATMANDI field supervisors are conducting field supervision on a daily basis.

- Some WRMO employees are exposed to the disease and they are currently isolated and under treatment.

- Offices are sanitized regularly, the WRMO employees are provided with masks, gloves, and sanitizers.