Disability is not inability

Khatera and Yasamin are learning weaving. They both every year sell their most exquisite weaved products such as bed covers, TV covers, weaved materials for brides dowry and decorative vases to local market. Through this vocation, Khatera and Yasamin are supporting their family in bread winning.

“Due to disability that I have, I could never play with my peers in my childhood. I could never be happy and this situation always made me upset. Now the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan provided me and my sister Yasamin the opportunity to learn vocation. Learning weaving encourages us and makes the hope for a bright future,” says Khatera

“I want to work and save money for my niece and nephews to support them in education and make their life happier,” adds her.

Yasamin and Khater’s mother says that the market for selling handicrafts in Ghazni is sufficient. Families send their orders to us. Yasamin and Khatera are weaving the most beautiful materials for those who are buying it as a gift to others. And they are supporting their father in family economy.

These two sisters received enough of loan from SCA that is efficient to support them buying raw materials.

Khatera, Yasamin and their father are victims of war in 1993 in Afghanistan. At that time Khatera was only nine years old and seven years of Yasamin, when a rocket landed to their house. Both sisters were injured from head area and their fathers hand was cut off. Two sisters with their family came to live in Kabul and by passage of time they realized that both Khatera and Yasamin are losing their leg mobility. And their childhood was spent inside the house.