Dr. Eid Mohammad: COVID-19 infection doesn’t mean death

Dr. Eid Mohammad has been newly appointed on the post of medical doctor at Isolation Ward for COVID-19, in Maidan Provincial Hospital. He has the full potential to work and serve local communities. In response to the question that, how he decided to choose and accept this challenging position, said: “The motive behind this was to serve my people not anything else, just to save lives and this is a desire of my childhood though to help people.”

In response to the question, is COVID-19 very dangerous and that all people should be afraid of? Dr. Mulakhail said: “In other countries, the COVID-19 mortality rate is higher because of anxiety and stress. Let me explain to our people that COVID-19 infection doesn’t mean death, and also touching COVID-19 patient doesn’t mean that we are infected on the virus, if you touch a suspect patient, then you should go straight to washroom, wash your hands and take a bath and change your clothes, so the virus can be removed with warm water and soap. So, we must mentally be strong on fighting COVID-19”.  

About Maidan Shahr provincial hospital, Dr. Ed Mohammad Says: “In the provincial hospital, we have 25 beds isolation ward for COVID-19 patients, that is far away (around one-kilometer distance) from Maidan Hospital. We have two separate buildings; one is for service staff and the other building is for COVID-19 patients and is a restricted area. The COVID-19 patient building is also separated into two sections, one is for suspected patients and the other is a completely blocked section for COVID-19 confirmed patients. We have an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which is well equipped with ventilator, ECG, Ex-Ray, Cardia Monitor, oxygen concentrator, suction machines, and nebulizer”.

As per Dr. Mulakahil saying, two patients with COVID-19 positive results are being rested in the special ward, he says: “To this date (April 13, 2020) all together we have taken samples for test from 21 patients and had sent them out to Kabul Central Lab for testing confirmation. We have received two samples results for positive COVID-19 that are rested in our special ward”.

Regarding COVID-19 patient's health condition, Dr. Mulakhail says: “Till this time, our two patient’s health condition is good, there is a good sign in their recovery, so we are hopeful that they will be recovered soon”.

In the end, Dr. Ed Mohammad Mulakahil has a message to people: “I request people that they should stay at their home. I call on people to take more vitamin C to reach food such as fruits and vegetables in order to strengthen their body’s immune system. Don’t make crowds, so you will be safe from the virus attack”.