Educational Opportunities for Girls in Winter Camps

Shoayb, Shamila, Hosna and around forty girls and boys are busy learning in Sare Chishma village of Kishindeh district in Balkh province. They attended in a two-month winter course which is facilitated by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

Shamila is ten years old and is in the second class of local school of Swedish Committee in this area. She says: "in the past years, we haven’t had the opportunity to study during school holidays. I am happy to have the opportunity to attend the winter course. We are all here with the enthusiasm and we study and do some entertainment."

The education programme of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has established two classes in Kishindeh district of Balkh province and one class in Dara-e-Suf Payeen district of Samangan province during the winter holidays and provided the opportunity of studying for girls and boys.

Mohammad Akbar Qate, Education Manager of SCA in the north says: "Winter classes are two months, a total of 146 girls and boys attended this classes this year. The focus is on creating opportunities for girls. Children in rural areas do not have the opportunity to study and do entertainment during winter holidays. For this purpose, the winter classes are the best opportunity for them to prepare for the new educational year. "

He also adds: "In these classes the subjects are reading, mathematics, religious sciences and reading of educational and entertainment tales. All educational facilities are provided by the education programme.”  

In the corner of the class, 11-year-old Freshna, reading a story loud. She is student in the second class and wants to become a teacher in the future and help the other girls in her village. She says: "It's a good opportunity to learn. I love that all students gather around me and I tell a story. My wishes are educating the children in the village and I love to be a teacher in the future. I and other children who are here are pleased with the provided opportunity. "

Resaluddin Rashidi the teacher, talks about the interest of the students and says: "The children you see here were spending the winter at home and doing daily works. They study more than two hours in this class. This two-month course help them to be well prepared for the next year school.”

Mr. Qate also added: "Curriculums, teachers, stationary and all training materials for their practical work of the students is provided by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. The classes are being monitored regularly and it is going on very well.”

The education programme of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan began winter courses in 2019. In the beginning they had three classes in Kishindeh district of Balkh province. A total of 125 children attended these classes and among them, 115 were girls.