Sabera|Photo: Mohmadullah Kamal

“In future I want to be a midwife to help my society”

Sabera 33, one of the Coaching Classes student, that has been supported by Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) in Chahardeh village, Yakawlang district of Bamyan province. She is a mother of five children. Due to life difficulties, she was unable to continue her education. “I had studied till grade six in public school, then due to civil war we emigrated to Iran, then I got married and I had to take care of my children, therefor I was unable to continue my education” Said Sabera.

About her life, Ms. Sabera says: “The life has been passed very quickly, I did not believe that one day I could find a chance to be enrolled into school once again. As six years ago, SCA started Coaching Classes for the women that had been deprived due to several reasons from education, I got very happy for that. My husband, a driver on Kabul-Bamyan highway, gave me the permission to continue my education”.  

 “My elder son has been graduated from Bamyan’s Teachers Collage, my other daughter is my classmate in Chahardeh Normal School, the rest of the children are also student in schools” says Ms. Sabera.  

Ms. Sabera is hopeful about her future, as she says: “In future I want to be a midwife, by this profession, I want to help women in our society. Yes, there are doctors, but they are very few in numbers and they can’t be sufficient for the people, I want to achieve this particular goal”.

It is worth mentioning that in Yakawlang district of Bamyan, there are four SCA-supported Coaching Classes, three of them are in Nayak high school and one is in Chahardeh high school, where around 50 women and girls continue their education.