Bashir Ahmad Fayaz

The girl who is scrolling the wheels of her life’s success

The tragedy of her life started five years ago, when she was 17 years old and was just graduated from high school. She had an accident in which her back bone was broken. It happened in their house and in the old well in the yard, which was out of use, collapsed and as a result Ms. Habiba fall into the well and was severely injured.

She was waiting for the doctors and the results but unfortunately it was diagnosed, that due to damage to her spinal cord, she may not walk anymore.

After this tragic incident, Habiba become alone and isolated from her classmates, friend, family and society. It was very difficult for a teenaged girl to suddenly face this shocking incident and all her hopes die.

She says: “I was totally disabled, and my eyes were looking to everyone’s help. I spent one year at home and did the treatment in the country and out of the country, but all my efforts didn’t had any result. I was counting hours, days and months for recovery to continue my studies, but I was waiting for the impossible. After six months, I convinced myself that I can’t walk anymore.”

However, it was difficult for her to scroll the wheels of her destiny by her powerful hands, but it wasn’t impossible.

She still remembers the first day when she was introduced to SCA’s community-based worker by member of Disabled People Organization in Shibirghan district of Jawzjan province. Initially, she received a wheelchair and sitting in wheelchair was a good start for her to go ahead and think about the further steps.

She continued: “After a long stay at home, it was a good start but not enough. I joined the self-help group of SCA and based on my ability, I selected as head group and it continued for one year.”