The girl who struggles for her future

Nasira Haqjou, who received professional training two years ago from the disability programme of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in Mazar-e-Sharif, is now a professional tailor and has a student as well to teach.

In a room, she is busy in tailoring. The profession which helps her to support her family and cover some expenses of her own self. When she is sewing, the smile on her face is vibrant. The sewing machine helped her to be optimistic about the future and see herself playing a good role in society.

She says: “Tailoring is a source of income for me. I can help and support my family and can cover my expenses. It is also a hobby for me and I spend my time sewing when I am at home.”

She is interested in sport and she goes to wheelchair running and basketball exercises. “It is almost one year that I have started doing sport. I want to become a professional player and I want to join Afghanistan’s national team” said Nasira.

Higher education is one of her dreams, unfortunately, she is not able to pay the cost and transportation for it. She continued: “I have 1500 Afs monthly income, through which I can cover my transportation cost and give some support to my family. The income for tailoring is seasonal and during pre-Eid days we have more income. I want to study Administration and Management.”

She is still the member and spokesperson of Women with Disability Social Organization. She explained: “I attend all meetings and advocacy activities to help and support other disabled females. Like me, there are many other women who are suffering from various types of disabilities. Swedish Committee for Afghanistan strongly supports association for disabled people and I really appreciate that.”

Nasira was only 3 years old when she became a victim of polio disease and since then she is differently-abled. SCA’s disability programme provided her a vocational training, where she spent eight months learning how to tailor.