He sees dark but thinks bright

Imran Ali Shirzad, 20, teaches a class of children with visual impairments. Six students, including three boys and three girls with visual impairments, are studying in his class.

He received primary education from the Disability Program of SCA and now teaches a class in the village.

"I graduated from the Rehabilitation Center of SCA and then joined the public school. I graduated this year from the twelfth grade and I am preparing for the university‘s entrance exam. I want to study law to work for the rights of people with disabilities and serve them well," he said.

He has gone through tough days of education and wants to pass on his learnings to his students and encourage them to continue their education and become active members of their societies.

"I struggle not to let students of this center become a burden in society. Each of them can be a good supporter for themselves as well as their families. It is difficult but not impossible. The first days of education were difficult for me, but nowadays, everything is fine. I was so discouraged at first thinking myself a disabled person, but now I admit my abilities." he adds.

These students are studying for a brighter and better future. The only tool that can contribute to their education is their hands, so they can touch the text.

The eight-year-old Mudaser and his classmates are hopeful that starting education in this class will help them join the public school. It has been three months since the class was established by SCA’s Disability Program at the village level in Jalalabad city for children with visual impairments.

Mudaser also has big dreams. "I want to be a teacher to help people with visual impairment in our locality. I'm happy with the past three months. My teacher is a hard worker. He encourages us to take our lessons," he said.

Laili,11, is happy with the opportunity. "It would have been better if I had the opportunity to start my education years ago, but I still have the opportunity to continue my studies. Becoming a doctor and serving the people is one of my dreams," she said.

Disability Program of SCA operates in three eastern provinces of Nangarhar, Laghman, and Kunar which covers ten districts. A total of 25 educational classes have been created for people with disabilities, where 167 individuals with different types of disabilities participate. After receiving a series of special training, they will be introduced to public schools to continue their education.