From Humiliation to Glory - The Story of a Boy Activist

Sayed Tabish, 17, lives in Taloqan city of Takhar province is a member of Boys Activist Group (BAG) under the SCA men and boys engagement project. They are four brothers with no sister in their family and lives within a big household of uncles and cousins. He shared his story on how the men and boys engagement project influenced his personal life.

He said, “Since we don’t have any sisters, so my father has divided chores between us four brothers, and we used to take part in the house chores. Nevertheless, most of the time we were laughed at by uncles and cousins for doing the tasks, which are not regarded as men’s role. They make fun of us and calling us “Dokhtar Khana”, which means “House Girl” in English. Indeed, we did not have convincing response to them, as we were not aware of gender related information from both sharia and constitutional law perspectives. Therefore, we always felt shame and annoyance for doing a job, which is considered not appropriate for men and boys.

When the SCA staff came to our school for the orientation on men and boys engagement project and briefed us about the goal, objective and outcome of the project, I thought this project can be a good solution to my personal issues.

I therefore volunteered to be member of Boys Activist Group (BAG), after joining the SCA Boys Activist Group, I received comprehensive training and orientations and learning materials on gender and rights from SCA colleagues, through which learned important lessons about gender role in the light of sharia and legal law e.g. not to be violent, respecting women and girls and taking part at house chores. I learnt that it is recommended in sharia law to take part in chores and our prophet (PBUH) did and it has blessed.

Now, I can respond very calmly to every skit my uncle and cousins throw at me. I don’t get irritated or annoyed because I understand “What I Am Doing Is Right” and I can continue helping my mother at home with more enthusiasm and proud. Earlier I was Taking Part In House Chores Because Of Not Having Sister To Do It, But Now I am Doing It Because I am Responsible To Do It, Event I Would Have Sister.” said Sayed Tabish.