“if this school wasn’t built by SCA, our children would have been illiterate today.” Says the villagers

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has established the Miakhel primary school in Miakel village of Qarghaee district in Laghman province, worth 7,3 million Afs in 2014.

This primary school building has 6 classes, 2 administrative rooms, facility for clean drinking water and surroundings. While the school wasn’t established, the children couldn’t go outside of their village for education purposes because the nearest school were 3 kilometers away from their village and families didn’t let their minors to go such far, but now this primary school provides them with education near their residences.

Additionally, around 500 students including 300 girls and 200 boys are studying in this school. There are currently ten teachers in the school out of which four of them are females and the school has now up to 5th grade classes. and the students are optimistic for their bright future. 

People living in Miakhel village are pleased from SCA’s interventions and they say, “if this school wasn’t built by SCA, our children would have been illiterate today.”

“Prior to the construction of this school by SCA, students faced serious problems. The other schools were 3 kilometers away from here and the minors couldn’t go there. At the meantime students couldn’t go to school at the time of rain and wind as well” said head teacher for Miakhel school.

 “everybody should admire from SCA activities, and we are satisfied and happy. We male/female appreciate Swedish committee, because the village got reputation as blessing of this school and currently many people traying to settle hear close to the school” Said head teacher for Miakhel school.

SCA education program has so far established over 13 schools in Laghman province since 2014 and currently, 2209 students including 1264 girls and 924 boys are being provided education by 73 teachers including 54 male and 19 females in these schools.