Kuchi children also benefits from SCA's education programme

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan impartially offers its humanitarian services to all residents of Afghanistan including the Kuchi (nomad) population. While the Kuchis does not stay for a long time in one location, SCA’s Ghazni Regional Management Office (GRMO) provided education opportunities for Kuchi children.

Every day, dozens of children are coming to a tent, next to their residential tents, and taught by the teachers. There are nomadic people around Ghazni who spend the summer here and move to a warmer location in other provinces during the winter season. The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has classes for the Kuchi children, including girls and boys during the summer season.

"These children are very punctual because their council members emphasize on attending their lessons," said Amir Khan, a nomadic class teacher. “Parents of these children have a great interest in their children’s education” he added.

One of the students, named Ayesha, who is studying in the second class, says: "My mother and father always tell me to go to my class regularly. I can even write my name."

Another student from the third class, named Rahmatullah, says: "I also study and in the afternoon I go to herds of sheep. I do my homework during the night which is given by the teacher. "

At GRMO level, there are 36 classes for Kuchi children in which 610 girls and 434 boys are studying from first till sixth class.

These classes have been clustered with governmental schools. When these students complete their studies, they will be introduced together with their educational certificates at one of the nearest formal schools to keep them continue their education. Additionally, books, stationery, and educational materials are also provided to them.