Menstruation- taboo in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan the subject of menstruation is taboo as well as surrounded by myths and insufficient knowledge. Menstruation is viewed as something shameful rather than a natural part of the lives of women. For this reason, menstruation is a common reason for girls not to attend school during their menstruation, or even drop out of school entirely after having the first menstruation.

Usually the schools have no toilets or sanitary facilities where the female students and teachers can wash themselves and change their menstrual pads in a way that feels safe and hygienic.

In order for women to be able to finish their education SCA will start a new project to educate the teachers and inform the female students, as well as their mothers, about menstruation. The project is going to be implemented in Kishindeh district of Balkh, Darai Souf Payen district of Samangan while in Qarghai and Mehterlam districts of Laghman province, during three years (April 2016- Mar 19) with financial support from Post Code Lottery . Totally 7000 students, 1000 parents (mothers) and 300 female teachers are the target groups of this project. 

SCA will also make sure that the schools have toilets that are hygienic and private. This will enable women to continue their education after their first menstruation and attend school during their periods.