More and more people in Afghanistan are joining SCA as volunteering members

I am able, not disabled, says Manizha Baburi one of many SCA-members in Mazar, part of Kabul Local Chapter, and she continues: being a member is a good way to influence and help build a stronger society inclusive for all, even for me as a woman with disability.

Maniza Baburi is one of many people that recently took part in workshops regarding growing membership movement. Over two days in the beginning of April almost 60 people in Mazar showed up for meetings discussing reasons for joining, the most important issues to deal with and how to encourage others to take part.

Many had personal reasons for joining and statements like these were heard:

“I have had my child in the PERC-school and realise I as a parent can help to spread awareness that children and people of all sorts also have human rights.”

“For me as a young woman it is essential to create a community where gender does not matter and women naturally can take part in professional life and decision-making.”

“The SCA health clinic saved my wife’s life; I saw first hand what a trained midwife is capable of. And Afghanistan needs more clinics, doctors and midwifes.“

The discussion also raised the issue on how to attract more young people and one of many suggestions were to have a discounted student fee and to work with a type of “SCA-ambassadors”, themselves being students, at universities and colleges.