Nasima|Photo: Salima Biglary 

Nasima encourages girls to be active in the village

18 years old Nasima convinced the villagers in Chel Mard area of Jawzjan to have their own shura (council). Now Nasima is an elected member of the shura, working to improve the life of the villagers.

When SCA's social organiser went door to door in the village of Chel Mard near Sheberghan they discovered that the villagers were not interested in forming a shura to represent them and improve the lives of the community members. SCA is working to empower the local communities in Jawzjan to lead their own development, with support from the government. An important step is to help the community members to elect a shura, or community development council that will take decisions on what improvements to make.

In Chel Mard, unlike most communities, the villagers were not interested. But there was one exception: Nasima, a girl of 18 who had moved to Chel Mard just a year earlier with her family.

“I had to quit school because of the insecurity in Kunduz province. I really want to do something for the village and I don’t want to stay at home,” Nasima said.
She really wanted to be a part of the shura and fortunately all the villagers voted for her. The only problem was her parents. “My dad didn’t like me to be in this program first, but I am happy that the elders of the villagers supported me and calmed my father.”

Today Nasima is an active member of the shura, and she is encouraging other women and girls to do the same.

“Inshallah I will continue my education and I hope to be better and helpful for my villagers especially for girls the same age as me,” says Nasima.

Salima Biglary

Senior Communication Officer

Northern Regional Management Office


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