New Heads of Regional Management Offices together for the first time. From left: Ahmad Saleem, North-Eastern (Taloqan); Hassan Raza Karimi, Northern (Mazar-e-Sharif); Yousuf Javid, South-Eastern (Ghazni); Shafiullah Sharifi, Central (Wardak) and Abdul Ahad Samoon, Eastern (Jalalabad).

New Heads of regional offices meet for the first time

SCA has gone through a reorganization in which one of the aims was to move decisions closer to the target groups. To achieve this it was necessary to strengthen the regional offices.

Each of the offices now have a new manager, with greater delegated authorities to guide implementation of SCA projects. The Heads at the offices in Wardak and Taloqan have been recruited internally, and the others are newcomers to SCA. At a workshop in the SCA office in Kabul the five new Heads of the Regional Management Offices met for the first time.

 “Before I joined SCA I couldn’t imagine that it was such a huge organisation. But I have understood that it is an important organization making important contributions to the Afghan people.” says Yousuf Javid, Head of South-Eastern Regional Management Office, located in Ghazni.

Yousuf Javid has 24 years’ experience with various organisations, including senior management positions.  Recently he was working as Head of Office for Norwegian Refugee Council.

At meetings with the local authorities he have heard them praise the work of SCA, saying that SCA is an organization that really works according to the needs in the region. But he is also well aware of the challenges that he and SCA have to deal with; with the difficult security situation as the biggest challenge

“I feel happy about this new job. I consider that I’m just in the right place”, says Yousuf Javid.