Parents’ Belief in Their Disabled Children Matters

Samiullah 26 has disability in his leg. His legs are unequal in length as one of his legs are short and thin. He is a resident of Maidan Shahr, capital of Wardak province. He has received home-based rehabilitation services from Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), enabling him to get an education and hold a bachelor degree in Islamic Law. However, he has yet opted for launching a shop.

“As long as I have disability, I can better feel the pain of other people with disability. I am born and raised in this community where I have my own shop now. So I better know their problems and the parents’ behavior toward them”. Says, Samiullah.

“Where I am now, is the result of my parent’s encouragement and their belief in me. Fortunately, I am now tasting the fruits of my labor. After school, I got my Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Law and now I am proudly engaged in shop keeping out of my own choice.” He added.

I asked him why he has chosen shop keeping despite doing higher education. He replied: “I enjoy independent business, that is why I decided to open a shop together with my uncle to sell construction materials.”

He added further, “I have seen many times families who misbehaved their members with disabilities, so they will certainly become isolated in society. Unlike, if families support, encourage and believe on their children with disabilities, like the way my family did, they will certainly contribute in their daily social life and will have big achievements.”

It has been a couple of months that Samiullah has launched his retailing shop. Since then, he gains 2500AFN Halal net profit on daily basis. He has recently received 50,000 interest-free loan from Disability Program of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) which has greatly helped him in his life.

SCA believes a combination of support from families and NGOs will better enable people with disabilities to earn great achievements in life.