People of Bakhmal Basi village waiting to receive water from the district center

One of the 13 villages

SCA to build a pipe scheme that will supply safe drinking water to 13 villages of Rustaq district

Today the Governor of Takhar province inaugurated pipe scheme project, which will be implemented by the rural development program of the North East Office of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA). This project brings safe drinking water to the village of Bakhmal Basi and 12 other villages that were suffering from lack of healthy drinking water.  As the result of this project, more than 3,539 families will have access to healthy and safe drinking water.
During the ceremony, Dr. Fazlullah Mujadidi, the governor of Takhar province, expressed his gratitude to the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan for the implementation of this project and said, "there are a lot of water resources in the Rustaq district, but the lack of management has left 13 villagers inaccessible." During the ceremony, Dr. Ahmad Khalid Fahim, the Programme Director of SCA  also said that the Swedish Committee is committed to implementing the project and assured that the implementation of this project would resolve the issue of peoples’ inaccessibility the drinking water.
This pipe scheme project is designed in three stages, each stage covering a year and will be completed by the end of 2020. The length of the Pipe Scheme is about 45 km long and has one big and several small drains that take the water from the well and supplies it to houses The cost of this project is 65 million AFN, which is funded by Swedish International Development and Corporation Agency. This is one of the most difficult projects in terms of implementation since 13 of these villages are in the mountainous area and are among the most difficult areas to be crossed.

Bay Jan leader of Bakhmal Basi Village says” a large number of people suffered from pollen, stomach, and diarrhea every year, resulting in the death of many children and livestock annually. With the implementation of this project, the children who have left school due to bringing water to their houses from the center of the district can return to their school, the trees which were dried will be green again, diseases will be reduced.

In this ceremony Fazlullah Mujadadi Governor of Takhar, Dr. Ahmad Khalid Fahim Programme Director of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, Najiba Sanjer Head of Taloqan Regional Management office,  Sibghatullah Nazari Head of Rural Development project of SCA in Taloqan, elders, and residents of Rastaq district participated.