SCA calls for protection of civilians, its medical staff and health facilities

Following the issuance of a press release, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) hereby addresses all parties involved in the war, during a joint press conference held today in Kabul at the office of Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development (ACBAR) and urges them to stop violation of the International Humanitarian Law and human rights laws as soon as possible.  

SCA is deeply concerned about the continuing violence against civilians, especially its healthcare staff and facilities. The recent attack on one of SCA’s clinics by Afghan National Security Force (ANSF) the night between 8-9 July has cost lives of four people and one person is missing. Among the death bodies, two of them were the SCA’s health staff and the remaining two were the patients in the clinic.

"We condemn the attack, and we urge the government to thoroughly investigate the incident and share its results with the people of Afghanistan and prosecute the offenders," says Dr. Ahmed Khalid Fahim, Program Director of SCA.

In response to the attack, the armed opposition groups (AOGs) has also shut down the 42 out of 77 clinics of SCA in six districts of Maidan Wardak under their control. They have attributed their act with US troops contributing in the operation and the lack of reaction from the SCA.

"We have always raised our voice and denounced such attacks by the forces involved in the war. We want the opposition groups to allow operation of these clinics because the real victims will be the people of Maidan Wardak province," adds Dr. Ahmed Khalid Fahim.

During 2019, SCA has recorded 17 cases of violence against clinics and schools of under its support.  Most of these incidents took place by direct attacks of ANSF and AOGs or exchange of fire between them.