SCA condemns raid on health clinic in Wardak

During the night between 17 and 18 of February a raid was conducted to a health clinic run by The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) in Tangi Saidan, in Wardak Province. According to the information SCA has received two patients and one personal caretaker was killed in the incident. The information from Wardak indicates that the raid was conducted by the Afghan National Army.

“This attack constitutes a gross violation of humanitarian principles and the Geneva Convention that all actors of a conflict have to respect. Medical facilities and medical staff are to provide treatment to anyone in need and patients are to be granted safety according to humanitarian law.  SCA is a neutral party in the military conflict that prevails in Afghanistan. The patients who are being treated at our clinics have the right to be protected”, says Jorgen Holmstrom, Country Director of SCA.

“We will further investigate this violation and let those responsible be held accountable”, says Jorgen Holmstrom