SCA conducts COVID-19 prevention awareness session for CBE headteachers

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan’s Education programme colleagues provided awareness raising session to 11 headteachers of Community Based Education Classes (CBE) regarding prevention of Coronavirus in Mehtarlam city of Laghman province. Thus, to prevent spreading of coronavirus in rural areas of the province.

According to the Ministry of Education instructions, schools located in rural areas where students don’t have access to Radios & TVs will keep continuing the learning processes in small groups (not more than 8 students in a class) which are.

During the session, Education programme colleagues demonstrated the headteachers regarding handwashing, maintaining social distance, and briefed them about recommendations of WHO and the Public Health Ministry. The messages were explained verbally and afterward delivered them in written versions.

“COVID-19 response team developed these messages to increase public awareness regarding the Coronavirus in rural areas to implement the given recommendations in an emergency situation” said Akram Abdurahimzai, education project manager.

Meanwhile, Merwais who participated in the session and currently is serving as headteacher for Chalmatai Community Based Education classes says, the awareness-raising session was very useful to them.

SCA’s  Jalalabad Regional Management Office’s COVID-19 response team included doctors leading by the head of the office are working closely to share the health recommendations and increase public awareness at the community level.