SCA hands over the Bakhmal Basi High School to Takhar Education Department

The Bakhmal Basi high school was inaugurated and under an official ceremony handed over to the Takhar Education Department.

Bakhmal Basi village is a remote area in Rustaq district where the education department was unable to provide quality education. Abdul Nasir Noori, Education Manger in Rustaq district said: “Since 2007, SCA is covering this school and this is the first time that girls are being graduated from a high school, our people are very happy for this graduation and construction of the school. This also creates a good opportunity for female teachers.”

The school building is constructed in accordance with the education standards. The school building has six classrooms, two administrative rooms, and one store. it has a capacity of 250 students in a period. Construction of this school has taken one year to complete also, construction of 260-meter school surrounding wall, five toilets for students and persons with disabilities, 110 chairs and tables and necessary equipment of two administrative rooms are part of this project.

The total budget for this project is nine million AFN which has been donated by Afghan Connection and implemented by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

The handing over ceremony of this school building was attended by district officials, personnel of the education department, community elders and inhabitants of Bakkmal Basi village.

During this ceremony, Sayed Akram Akramy, Acting of Taloqan Regional Management Office (TRMO) informed the participants regarding SCA vision, mission, values and project activities. He added, that the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan is committed to keeping its services until the people of Afghanistan need SCA. 

Engineer Mohammed Aseef Hikmat, manager of Rural Development project of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in Taloqan, said: "Over the past five years, the Rural Development Program has built 34 school buildings in the Takhar province.  Ten schools is in the Rashtaq district. He added that the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has implemented 1,000 school buildings, 400 clinics, 20,000 healthy drinking water, and 12 pipe scheme projects for providing safe drinking water throughout Afghanistan.