SCA inaugurates two newly built pipe scheme projects in Kunar province

SCA inaugurated 2 new pipe scheme projects in Shegal district of Kunar province, worth of 3,2 million Afs.  The project's upgrading works were started in August of 2019 and concluded at the end of December.

The inauguration ceremony took place in Lachi village of Shegal district, where SCA Deputy Programme Director, Head of Jalalabad Regional Management office, tribal elders and media representatives participated in the event.

“The projects took 6 months, and a sum of 3.2 million Afs to complete. it has 8 new water reservoirs, 28 springs, 43 water tabs; which provides clean drinking water to 2700 families of 19 villages” said Saeed Mohsin Hashemi, SCA Deputy Programme Director.

Moreover, Head of Jalalabad Regional Management Office, Engineer Abdul Ahad Samoon, appreciated community cooperation regarding implementation of these projects and emphasized, that people should play a vital role in the safety of these projects as well.

At the meantime tribal elders stated, that they didn’t have access to clean water and by inaugurating the pipe schemes, they won’t face with any problem in the future. They said, women were carrying waters on their heads for far away and sometimes they transported water through donkeys but now with this assistance of SCA, these problems are eliminated.