Andreas Stefansson, Secretary General, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

SCA international conference on November 11: After the Taliban takeover – What future awaits Afghanistan?

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan organized its biennial international conference on 11 November 2021 in Stockholm. See the entire conference or parts of it if you missed it or want to see it again.

Welcome and Introduction

Andreas Stefansson, Secretary General, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

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What can be concluded of the direction of the policies and their implementation of the Taliban regime after almost three months in power?

Listen to Kate Clark, Anders Fänge, Stephen Brooking and Andreas von Brandt discuss, among other things, the issue: What can be concluded after three months of Taliban regime?

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Keynote address

Per Olsson Fridh, Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sweden

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How should the international community relate to and engage with the Taliban regime?

Listen to Ashley Jackson, Barnett Rubin and Tomas Niklasson discuss how the international community should act and engage with the Taliban regime.

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Short reflections from morning sessions

Anna Ek, Country Director Sweden, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan

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What are the conditions for continued support to women’s rights, and what may such action look like?

Listen to Jamila Afghani, Najwa Alimi and Aminulhaq Mayel discuss what issues are important now so that women's rights do not disappear from the agenda.

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How can the international community work together to support the Afghan people?

Listen to Ulrika Modéer, Carin Jämtin and Terje M Watterdal discuss the the critical lack of money and what international community can do to counter a state collapse.

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Closing session

Listen to Anders Fänge, Jamila Afghani and Andreas Stefansson, reflect on the day and talk about the future of the Afghan people.

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