SCA’s programme director pays a visit to Wardak province amid COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Khalid Fahim, SCA’s programme director jointly with Dr. Ahmad Shah Pardis, the head of the health programme visited Wardak Regional Management Office (WRMO). They, after a brief meeting with the head of the office Mr. Shafiullah Sharifi, met the project managers and received updates on operations in the field on COVID-19 response.

Dr. Khalid said: “First let me express my gratitude to WRMO staff, who dedicated themselves to helping people in very tense COVID-19 pandemic situation, I am really proud of your work.”

He advised the regional team particularly project managers to plan for possible scenarios of the same situation as it is now because the situation may get worse or may return to normal by mid-2020. By doing this, we can further divert our resources towards combating this disease.

“in short, I must say that our activities cannot be stopped, as they are directly linked with local communities, if it stops, it will affect our target groups particularly the vulnerable people in the communities,” said Dr. Khalid Fahim.  

Shafiullah Sharifi, Head of Office promised that he will hold a meeting with the managers for doing the mentioned analysis. We will conduct meeting in person with all managers and unit heads, and discuss different alternatives on how better we can make the analysis.

The visiting team visited the isolation ward for the COVID-19 cases. They received updates and heard from the medical staff about issues and challenges. Dr. Eid Mohammad Mulakhail, MD said: “Unfortunately in the past two weeks, the COVID-19 cases are increasing at a high pace in Wardak. We so far have more than 70 positive cases.” The team met SCA’s own four staff members, two doctors including the director of the provincial hospital, and two support staff who are positive with COVID-19 and hospitalized in the isolation ward.  

They visited Maidan Shar Provincial Hospital as well. They met with the staff, Dr. Khalid appreciated the staff for their hard work and noted their suggestions.

Moreover, in the end, they had a meeting with the provincial health director,