SCA’s resources and response to COVID-19 is intact in Wardak region

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan is delivering health services up to expectations of the local population and has control over the provision of health services and supplies, despite the limitation of health facilities and services for combating COVID-19 in other parts of Afghanistan.

The SEHATMANDI project in Wardak provides health services to over 650,000 people in 2000 villages through 78 health facilities including newly established COVID-19 centers.

In Maidan Shahr hospital, over 130 health staff are working to provide health services to the people, the hospital has four main departments for health services, namely, general surgery, general internal medicine, children and gynecology, and obstetrics departments.

Mr. Daniel Madhani, SCA’s Country Director in his recent visit to Wardak Regional Management Office and Maidan Shahr Hospital, expressed his gratitude towards SCA staff for their determination and dedication. “Wardak, it is a high-intensity conflict zone, and our rollout plan will make sure that the people living in hard to reach areas will have access to SCA’s COVID-19 response facilities and services. My colleagues working in the frontline showed motivation, strength, high moral, and a "we will stay and work attitude" far from what I have experienced before. I am impressed, and I honor them all”.

In addition to the regular health services provision, the hospital has a separate facility for those who have symptoms of COVID-19. There is an isolation center with 25 beds for suspected and positive cases of COVID-19. The center is being operated by morethan 50 staff, divided into management, support, medicine, and back-up to ensure 24/7 (around the clock) service. Through six Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) which are working in six district centers in the province, provides awareness-raising activities, case recognition, and tracing suspected cases in the province.  

Moreover, on hospital services, Mr. Daniel said: “With my visit, I can assure you that we have the highest possible standards for the safety of our staff and clients. Our regular services like surgery, lab, internal medicine, intensive care, pediatric and neonatal, gynecology, and obstetrician services (to mention a few) are running with full capacity with a solid staff back-up system. Our daily average is 500-600 patients, 4-6 major surgery operations, and 10-12 childbirths at the hospital”.