"the services provided by Swedish Committee in Afghanistan are unique" says Ghazni's governor

Mr. Wahidullah Kalimzai Ghazni's governor, Dr. Zahir Shah Nikmal Ghazni Public Health Director, Mr. Hamidullah Sarwari Provincial Council Secretary have visited from disabled people rehabilitation center’s services and patients.

During the visit to rehabilitation center, Mr. Wahidullah Kalimzai showed his happiness and thanked SCA for delivery of good services at this center which is also famous for only artificial rehabilitation and repairing center at zone level.   

Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Javid Head of Ghazni Regional Management Office give them detailed information about the services and patients.

Mr. Wahidullah Kalimzai said in his talks that “the services of Swedish Committee in Afghanistan are unique, particularly in providing rehabilitation for disable people, who are considered to be the most vulnerable in society”.

In Ghazni SCA has built and equipped building for people with disabilities rehabilitation section and everyday dozens of people with disabilities and patients get artificial organs and physiotherapy services.   

In addition to disability, SCA's Ghazni Regional Management Office provides efficient services since last many decades in Education and Rural Developments sectors in Paktika, Ghazni and Midan Wardak provinces.