Shakila’s success over her life’s challenges

Shakila a 22 years old girl, suffered with lots of problems to seek education in her province. Shakila is originally from Nuristan province, which is well known for its remoteness and she has completed the school in her village.

Currently, she is living in Nuristan with her family and she was the only girl in her village to complete school-level education.

While studying in school, she has faced with multiple security challenges. Moreover, when she was attending school, her relatives and neighbors had ties cut with her and adopted a harsh behavior towards her.

“They kept talking behind me, like look at this girl, she is going to school, this is not good she must do her house chores.” said Shakila.

She suffered from the sayings and accusations, but she didn’t leave her efforts for her bright future. She has a massage to other Afghan girls that they must not surrender, and don’t care about their shoes, clothes and style; they should increase the knowledge of their in regards to the importance of education in a girls life.

Recently Shakila graduated from a three years physiotherapy program, which was managed and implemented by the SCA through its Disability Program’s TIQRA project.

“Now, I would express many thanks to the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan for providing us this crucial program for serving in rural areas. The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has trained us like a family, and apart from physiotherapy we also learned from social and security topics.” she said.