A Step Towards Further Rural Development in Samangan Province

In close cooperation with Rural Rehabilitation Department in Samangan, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has completed a total of 28 different projects and handover them to the CDCs (Community Development Councils) in Samangan province.

The projects included Supper Passages, Support for Micro Hydro Powers, Roads Concrete, Road Gravelling, Culverts, Retaining Walls and Canals.

These projects are completed with 10 local CDCs under the Community Governance and Livelihood Program (CGLP).

Provincial Governor, Director of DRRD, Head of MRMO, Director of Economy Department, Director and members of CDCs, attended the inauguration ceremony commenced in Samangan province.

The total cost for the project was more than 13 million Afghanis, including 17% contribution of the CDCs. A total of 2375 families (16269 individuals) are beneficiaries of these projects in Ayback district.