Successful education for children with disabilities

"Often when my pupils come here first they cry, because during the initial lessons they don’t understand anything. But after a while they fit into class and take part like any other student."

These words come from Said Abdul Basit, teacher in the village of Kuza Arazi, where he works at a SCA run school that provides inclusive preparatory education.

Over the last three years this village have sent several girls with different kind of disabilities into public schools, in another word “mainstreaming”. 
One of these girls are Safia, who is eight years old and have a hearing impairment. 
"I am very happy today to go to an ordinary class just like other children. I also have many new friends there.

Kuza Arazi is one of many in Kunar province where SCA has been running this project for many years and with great success. Today these so called PERCs (Precatory Educational Rehabilitation Centers), are implemented in all the districts SCA works in.

The latest figures shows that last year more than 150 girls from these centers was mainstreamed into public schools (or similar).

Abdul Basit, the teacher in Kuza Arazi is grateful on behalf of his students.

"I also know that the disabled children’s families are very happy and the education makes them hopeful about their children’s future."