Ustad Zahin|Photo: Mohammadullah Kamal 

We have already devoted a piece of land for school building in our village

Ustad Ahmad Zia Zhin, a resident of Dag Baghrai Village of Shaikh Abad area- Said Abad district in Wardak, and he is the Dag Baghrai School Shura director. While he owns tall and strong body, he has big dreams and visions as well, he says about one of his very greatest goal: “I have the goal to build a kind of school for the children of our village that have a nice building, having green area and have playground and other fun tools for the kids. Yes, we have already devoted a piece of land for our dream school.

After a lot of struggling, Ustad Zahin started SCA supported class for little girls in Dag Baghrai village last year. Regarding his experience he says: “At first, we faced with a lot of difficulties, the kids’ parents were not cooperative with us, I remember that people were backbiting and were talking about me, but by passing the time, everything got well, our efforts results become positive and the people become cooperative in sending their children to our classes.”

In addition, Ustad Zahin says about the girls’ school: “Currently we have two classes, in first grade class we have 33 girls and in second grade we have 27 girls studying their daily lessons. When our classes number reach to 6 classes, then SCA has promised us to construct our school building. Yes, the villagers also have the commitment to contribute in cash and in any kind in this school building process, by the mercy of Almighty Allah we will achieve our holly goal.”

At the end of his talking, Ustad Ahmad Zia Zahin emphasized on that parent must send their children to school, because these little children make the future of our homeland and the better future of our homeland is not possible without education.