Zemarai showing his productions | Photo: Jawid Akran Nazari

Zemarai dreaming of being a businessperson

Zemarai, dreams a big project, he has bigger economic plans, and he is a successful young man whose efforts has been resulted positively.

“I found him so ambitious, enough skillful with abilities which made me very happy. I offered him a partnership in business because I believe on his ability and talent. Zemarai and I want to be first persons who operate a handicraft’s shop in the city of Ghazni. We will produce some exquisite objects made by Persons with disabilities, so customer could buy a gift,” said   Muhammad Naseer Zemarai’s trainer

In 2006, Mr. Hayatullah a SCA Community Based Rehabilitation Worker identified Zemarai during a community survey conduct.

 Faqir Gul Zemarai’s Father recounts the day he met Mr. Hayatullah “I remember that day, when I opened the door for a rehabilitation worker.  Zemarai was taken to SCA rehabilitation Center in Ghazni, where he registered as a sign language student.  From that time he’s continuously been changing, even he shone in the public School; He learned job skill and got motivation from SCA”.

Zemarai goes to School besides his business activities; he was introduced to officials through inclusion scheme of SCA, now he studies at grade 8th. He learned sign language and basic training by SCA. he is the most talented student among his classmates. “When I see Zemarai’s progresses I become very happy and even forget I was anxious about his hearing disability. We noticed his hearing impairement when he was only 2 years old. Now is 22 marries and he can afford his family,” said Faiqr Gul

 “SCA has some very beneficial job opportunities every year youths are graduating from vocational trainings; Zemarai is one of those successful young persons who earns lawful sustenance through his occupation. He produces, bags for travel, for schools, and for fashion…,” said Mohammad Naseer the Vocational Trainer.

 “I like my daughters Sabira, Sadia and Safia, they give me hope to work hard, when I see their smile while coming back home from work, I feel relax. It's all thanks to your services. Swedish committee has had a major role in my life,” Zemarai wrote to me during my visit to his family.