Community Based Rehibilitation Worker (CBR Worker)


Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) invites all qualified candidates to apply for the following position. SCA actively promotes and encourages Women and People with Disabilities to apply

Title of Position:

Communality Based Rehabilitation Worker (CBRW)

Job Number:

HRM/TRMO 117-21

Duty Station:

Baghlan (Shar-e-Jadid)

Number of Positions:

One (Female)


Open -Ended Contract


Salaries and benefits are according to internal SCA salary scale                                                 

Non-monetary Benefits for Females:

Transportation close to residence and work, child nursery at workplace, safe travel facilities and companion to field trips, female association membership, trainings, and capacity building

Announcement Date:

April 5th, 2021

Closing Date:

 April 15th, 2021

SCA Background

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) has been working in Afghanistan since 1982, presently managing development programmes concerning Health, Education, Rural Livelihoods and Community Governance, with a total annual budget of roughly USD 40 million. The total number of staff is around 5,500. During the last 10 years SCA has undertaken a change process moving from a primarily humanitarian service delivery approach towards more of a developmental role, putting increasing emphasis on capacity development, rights-based programming and outcome orientation. The mission of SCA is to empower individuals, communities and local organizations, primarily in rural areas and with particular focus on women, girls, boys and vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, so that they may participate fully in society and influence their own development. SCA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment based on their skills, abilities and experience without regard to age (18-65 years), ethnicity, religion, marital status, gender, or physical disability.

Scope of work:

Disability Project is a Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) programme working for the full inclusion of Person with Disabilities in the society through provision of services; such as physical rehabilitations, vocational training, and access to loan for their economic independence. Disability Program (DP) provides preparatory education for children with disabilities with the aim of preparing them for inclusion in mainstream schools. DP is running awareness rising activities towards the family and community members about the right and need of Person with Disabilities. DP is working for the institutional capacity building of Disabled People Organizations (DPOs), professional associations, and disability sector NGOs. This programme also advocates towards the Governments for inclusion of disability and disabled people right to education, health, employment in their policies and strategies.

The Community Based Rehabilitation Worker (CBR-Worker) is the responsible person in terms of implementation of CBR strategy for the rehabilitation, recognition and integration of People with Disabilities within community level where awareness, training and linking People with Disabilities with external service providers are key tools.

Qualifications & Requirements:

Bachelor’s degree in social science, education, or community development.

2-3 years’ work experience in relevant community development, especially within an NGO, UN agencies or similar organization., experience in social mobilization is a must, experience in disability is an asset.

Fluency in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding of Pashto and Dari and basic knowledge of English language. Interpersonal and communication skills

The local candidate from Baghlan (Shar-e-Jadid) will be preferred.

Team worker, analytical, and troubleshooting skills.

Ready to work, live and travel in difficult and remote areas.

Be an afghan national

Main Responsibilities:

Supervise daily routine activities of community volunteers and family trainers.

Supervise rehabilitation process implemented by family trainers and community volunteers.

Supervision of People with Disability (PwD) placed in apprenticeship, group vocational training and loan ongoing cases.

Follow up of school integrated children to determine their needs and problems.

To collect data of Disability Program activities at district level and report to CBR Officer on monthly basis

House to house surveys of PwD within his/her concerned area

Assess needs of PwD with assistance of Physiotherapy, Special Education and Employment Support sections and prepare plan for rehabilitation intervention including selection of training material.

Work as a first referral source for the implementation of CBR strategy

Assist Disability Program trainers in establishment of CBR Committees and DPOs.

Identify and mobilize available local resources and utilize for better implementation of CBR strategy for the rehabilitation of PwD.

To promote awareness and given advice on disability and rehabilitation issues to the community

To promote community’s knowledge regarding disabilities and its prevention at different stage

Facilitate school integration of children with disability after completion of preparatory education.

Assist ESO in identification of PwD for vocational group and apprenticeship.

Assist PwD in filling of revolving loan application forms and collect loan instalments from loan borrowers.

Distribute publications such as village page to all villages covered by him/her, wall magazine into all schools and health centers in the concerned area.

Assist disability program information officers in writing of disability article and life stories of PwD or address them to the information staff.

Refer needy PwD to other rehabilitation resources inside and outside of disability programme.

Application Procedures:

Interested qualified candidates should submit a CV (maximum two pages) with a cover letter explaining their motivation in applying for the job and highlighting their relevant skills and experience.To apply online please send your application / CV to

Subject Line Must be: (CBRW)-HRM-TRMO 117-21) otherwise your application may not be considered.

Candidates may also submit applications by letter (hard copy) directly to the SCA HRM Unit

Academic certificates or references need not to be submitted at this time. These will be requested if called for interview.

Only short-listed candidates will be invited for written test and interview.

Persons must live permanently in the vicinity/city location of the vacant position.

Only short-listed candidates will be informed for interview.

Job number:

HRM/TRMO 117-21

Duty station:

Baghlan (Shar-e-Jadid)

Application deadline:

15 April 2021