Education Field Supervisor

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) invites all qualified candidates to apply for the following position. SCA actively promotes and encourages Women and People with Disabilities to apply

Title of Position:

Education Field Supervisor

Job Number:

HRM/TRMO 27-18

Duty Station:

Taloqan Regional Management Office (TRMO)

Number of Positions:

One (Male only)


The position is Open-Ended


Salary and benefits are  according to internal SCA salary policy                                               

Non-monetary Benefits for Females:

Transportation close to residence and work, child nursery at workplace, safe travel facilities and companion to field trips, female association membership, trainings and capacity building

Announcement Date:

3-December -2018

Closing Date:


SCA Background

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) has been working in Afghanistan since 1982, presently managing development programmes concerning Health, Education, Rural Livelihoods and Community Governance, with a total annual budget of roughly USD 40 million. The total number of staff is around 5,500. During the last 10 years SCA has undertaken a change process moving from a primarily humanitarian service delivery approach towards more of a developmental role, putting increasing emphasis on capacity development, rights-based programming and outcome orientation. The mission of SCA is to empower individuals, communities and local organizations, primarily in rural areas and with particular focus on women, girls, boys and vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, so that they may participate fully in society and influence their own development. SCA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment based on their skills, abilities and experience without regard to age (18-65 years), ethnicity, religion, marital status, gender, or physical disability.

Scope of work:

Based in hub schools, Education Field Supervisor (EFS) is a district level staff member of education team at Regional Management Office (RMO) level. In cooperation with the team members, s/he is responsible for direct supervision and monitoring of SCA supported Educational Field Facilities including CBS, Coaching Classes and hub schools as resource centers. The EFS is responsible for capacity development of all CBE/CC teachers in class observation, school supervision, monitoring, mentoring and report writing skills. EFS ensures effective teaching and learning process in all educational facilities supported by SCA education programme in his/her duty station/district. The EFS initiates fruitful communication with schools to district level educational authorities through direct contacts and participation in the relevant meetings on school’s affairs and updates GESO/Project management team on developments happening in his/her duty station from time to time. The EFS ensures that all types of educational supplies are delivered to his/her station, recorded and distributed to the end users within set schedules and full transparency in practice. The Education Field Supervisor spends more than 90% of his/her official times in the field while working directly with the teachers, students and members of the School Management Councils (SMCs) for improving quality of learning outcomes among the students. S/he is to assist the Education Project team and EPU in conducting Assessments, Studies, Evaluations and Reporting of SCA education projects.

Qualifications & Requirements:

  • Must have bachelor’s degree preferably in Education/literature/Science. Computer skill at operator level, especially with MS Office packages.
  • At least 3 - 4 years’ experience in education management within relevant field, preferably in NGOs.
  • Adequate experience in working in remote and with hard to reach communities.
  • Good experience of teaching, class and Schools observation and teachers training.
  • Fluency in language of the duty station, written and spoken.
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team & strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Good supervisory, leadership, analytical and trouble shooting skills.
  • Ability to support colleagues and provide/receive constructive feedback.
  • Ready to work and ability to travel frequently to project sites within the district/province level.
  • Computer skills at operator level, especially with Ms. Word and Ms. Excel.
  • Be an Afghan national and local is preferred.
  • Ability to work under work load and pressure.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Act according to the policy and regulations of SCA.
  • Actively contribute to the successful development and good reputation of the SCA.
  • Strictly follow the SCA financial regulations and procedures at the field level.
  • Work closely with the Master Trainers to share training needs of teachers and get feedbacks.
  • Maintain close contact and working relationships with the relevant Government departments such as DED, Hub Schools, civil society organizations, NGOs and other education actors.
  • Ensure increase on participation and retention of girls in educational activities supported by SCA.
  • Supervise activities of Head masters and teachers with respect to SCA Educational guidelines.
  • Coordinate participation & contribution of SMC members in schooling affairs.
  • Ensure registration of all students in SCA supported educational facilities in the relevant Hub Schools and keep appropriate records of them.
  • Ensure that integration of students and handover of CBS to the MoE takes place regularly as per CBE Policy and as well as in light with the Agreement of Partnership between SCA and MoE.
  • Ensure timely provision of the teaching and learning equipment and materials to the students and track the records.
  • Ensure appropriate use of the teaching and learning equipment and materials in the teaching and learning process.
  • Ensure all teaching and learning materials as regular recorded, and as update reported for each CBSs.
  • Verify and update data collected during the school visits, maintain the data record forms regularly and in timely manners.
  • Maintain update records on students’ attendance, enrolment, teachers’ attendance, and professional needs in close co-ordination with Education Programme Officer.
  • Monitor quality of equipment and materials provided to schools and keep their records.
  • Monitor performance of SMCs in relation to school affairs, their meeting records & achievements and follow their actions.
  • Work closely with SMCs to ensure involvement of parents and image of ownership of the concerned communities in education of their children.
  • Maintain regular visits to the CBSs and Coaching Classes, conduct class observations and provide mentoring support to the teachers.
  • Assist the teachers and students in development and utilization of low cost & accessible teaching and learning material.
  • Make sure Teaching Kits are properly used in the teaching-learning process.
  • Encourage students to initiate creative works like stories, poems and explore the options for publication of their creative works.
  • Work closely with the administration of the Hub Schools (HS) in order to ensure delivery of regular and effective academic support to the CBS in the area.
  • In close collaboration with the concerned teachers, conduct   assessments of students learning achievements in each visit and keep appropriate records.
  • Ensure that school health & hygiene practices are in place and students are complying with them.
  • Assist in data collection of the concerned schools/classes for internal and external studies/ assessments/evaluations
  • Ensure that SCA supported community based schools & Coaching Classes are run in accordance to SCA policy and SCA Education Directives.
  • Make sure that teachers receive their monthly Salaries within due times.
  • Through transfer of own knowledge and skills, enhances the working capabilities of Head masters/First teachers and teachers.
  • Promotes gender equality, non-discrimination with regard to ethnic, political and religious background
  • To participate in workshops, seminars & conference organized by the education programme
  • Promotes good coordination with other SCA projects, all PO units and other department at KMO especially EPU with regard to project planning, budgeting and other related issues.
  • Maintain good cooperative & relation with the district and provincial authorities, UN agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders.
  • Liaison with other education actors and ensure strong cooperation and development through District/Provincial Education Directorate.
  • Report to the Project Management Team on his performance and developments in educational facilities on monthly basis.
  • surveys regarding School Health Activities.
  • Develop regular reports and provide updates to the Education Project and Program Management teams.
  • Writing positive changes in community under success stories.
  • Any other task assigned by line supervisor.      

Application Procedures:

  • SCA actively promote and encourages women and persons with disabilities to apply.
  • Interested qualified candidates should submit a full CV (maximum four pages) with a cover letter in a single word/pdf document file explaining their motivation in applying for the job and highlighting their relevant skills and experience.
  • To apply online please send your application / CV to
  • The subject line must include (Education Field Supervisor – HRM/TRMO 27-18) otherwise your application may not be considered.
  • Candidates may also submit applications by letter (hard copy) directly to the SCA HRM Unit in either Kabul, Ghazni, Kunduz, Wardak, Taloqan, Mazar-e-Sharif, Laghman or Jalalabad;
  • Academic certificates or references need not to be submitted at this time. These will be requested if called for interview.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be invited for test/interview.

Job number:

HRM/TRMO 27-18

Duty station:


Application deadline:

17 December 2018