More and more children are able to attend school in Afghanistan, and the proportion of girls is also increasing. Last year, the number of children enrolled in primary school in SCA areas increased by 5 percent and the number of girls by 7 percent.

However statistics in Afghanistan are generally very uncertain. And although more girls than ever are in school and the gap to the boys is closing, girls are still the single largest, excluded group when it comes to education.

Efforts to increase girls' access to education are consequently essential. The barriers to girls attending school are higher - lack of female teachers is a major concern, especially for the older girls. Other problems include safety issues, poverty, child marriage, protection of school buildings and hygienic toilets. The Millennium Goal focus on increasing children's enrolment in primary school lower classes may also have led to a weaker focus on convincing girls to remain throughout elementary school. As many as half leave school after sixth grade.