People with disabilities

People with disabilities are often met with negative attitudes and are shut out of social contexts making it very difficult for them to support themselves.

It is estimated that there is a person with a disability in one in every five Afghan households. Ignorance and prejudice mean that this group is often excluded from social contexts, schooling and health care. They often suffer severe poverty and become dependent on others for their survival.

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan is working to promote an inclusive social attitude towards this group.

SCA runs schools for children with disabilities. The purpose of their education is that these children, after a period of time, will be integrated into a regular classroom and given opportunities to participate in community life. Teachers are educated in the rights of children with disabilities as well as in Braille and sign language. Teachers, religious leaders, councils of elders and other influential people are invited to information meetings so that they can gain enough knowledge and motivation to pursue the issue of the right to education for children with disabilities.

In health care, people with disabilities experience discrimination. Information meetings for health care professionals and leaders of village communities are arranged to provide information on the rights of this group.

When we plan and build health centres and clinics, we ensure that health and personnel facilities are accessible to people with disabilities.