Re-Announcement Physiotherapy Course Coordinator


Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) invites all qualified candidates to apply for the following position. SCA actively promotes and encourages Women and People with Disabilities to apply

Title of Position:

Re-Announcement Physiotherapy Course Coordinator

Job Number:

HRM/MRMO 30-19

Duty Station:

Mazar Regional Management Office (MRMO)

Number of Positions:

One (Men/Women)


The position is Project Based


Salary and Benefits are according to Internal SCA salary scale                                         

Non-monetary Benefits for Women:

Transportation close to residence and work, child nursery at workplace, safe travel facilities and companion to field trips, female association membership, trainings and capacity building

Announcement Date:

12-September 2019

Closing Date:

21-September 2019

SCA Background

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) has been working in Afghanistan since 1982, presently managing development Programmes concerning Health, Education, Rural Livelihoods and Community Governance, with a total annual budget of roughly USD 40 million. The total number of staff is around 5,500. During the last 10 years SCA has undertaken a change process moving from a primarily humanitarian service delivery approach towards more of a developmental role, putting increasing emphasis on capacity development, rights-based programming and outcome orientation. The mission of SCA is to empower individuals, communities and local organizations, primarily in rural areas and with particular focus on women, girls, boys and vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, so that they may participate fully in society and influence their own development. SCA is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants are considered for employment based on their skills, abilities and experience without regard to age (18-65 years), ethnicity, religion, marital status, gender, or physical disability.

Scope of work:

The Physiotherapy Course Coordinator is the responsible person for the TIQRA project activities in the SCA regional disability project office. He/she will manage the physiotherapy training school and will also teach the technical subject as third and supporting teacher. All activities will be carried out in close collaboration with the Disability Project Manager.

The physiotherapy course coordinator reports to the Disability Project Manager in the region.

Qualifications & Requirements:

Minimum qualified from 3 years physiotherapy training, higher education in the field of physiotherapy is a strong advantage.
Minimum 4 years working experience as a physiotherapist including supervisory responsibility with a recognised institution/organisation. Physiotherapy training and pedagogical experiences is a strong advantage.
Fluency in Dari and Pashtu, written & spoken, and working level knowledge of English is required,
Strong interpersonal and communication skills and capacity to deal with different rural communities with varied political/socio-economic and educational background
Ability to take initiatives, and pursue work proactively without being intensively supervised
Ability to support colleagues and provide/receive constructive feedback
Computer knowledge at operational level, SCA uses Ms Office standard software

Main Responsibilities:


Act according to the policy and regulations of SCA
Keep updated with issues related to SCA and the environment where SCA operates
Promote an attitude of team spirit and a strong focus on quality
Develop good co-operation with SCA units, authorities, institutions and other NGOs
Do related job as delegated by the Head of the Programme

Supervisory Tasks

Overall responsible of the physiotherapy training school

 Technical Tasks

To manage the physiotherapy training school teaching and other activities
To maintain close technical working relationship with the TIQRA project senior officer
To teach the technical subject as 3rd teacher of the school, at least 50% of the official time should be dedicated for teaching.
To ensure that the teaching quality and well maintained and according to the approved standards of GIHS.
To maintain close working relationship with nearby IHS institute
Assess the training needs of teacher and develop individual staff capacity development plan.
To build and maintain strong working relationship with SCA physical rehabilitation team in the region
Networking and coordination with national and international NGOs working in the field of physiotherapy services and physiotherapy trainings. 
Assist the P&S unit in procurement of materials and equipment for training school.

Course development and plan:

To contribute to course development or review which included topics, syllabus, assessment tool, examination tool and placement evaluation list with curriculum revision committee (PTI, AAPT,GIHS) as per request

Course delivery:
Ensures that the standardized curriculum is implemented
Ensures that physiotherapy teachers are prepared for classes and clinical skills lab sessions.
Makes sure the teachers perform best teaching skill and implementing various teaching methodologies
Ensures that teaching material are accessible for students according to their local languages
Keeping all student’s attendance records on monthly base
Coordinate exams (midterm and final exam) through support of physiotherapy teachers

Ensures all training program properties, all materials, resources and equipment are maintained and in good working order and maintain an inventory of resources for (monthly/quarterly) reporting.
The course coordinator spends 30 % of his/her time to deliver the training for students in collaboration with the main trainer

Course administration:

Coordinates with PT trainer to develop monthly schedule.
Maintains personal files for all students including record of clinical and theoretical assessment.
Submitting a copy of required recording and filing of student’s exam results considering IHS format 
Keeping students related documents such as profile and transcripts
Schedules classroom, simulated practice, and supervised practice sessions, as outlined in the program calendar in coordination with the teaching team
Ensures the assigned teachers conduct the sessions according to the schedule.
Ensures that teachers record the progress of each student, according to the assessment policy, attendance log and through the use of the students’ Clinical Experience Log Book.
Monitoring and quality assurance:
Utilizes the educational standards as a platform for performance and quality improvements
Conducts regular supervisory visits to classrooms and simulated laboratories to ensure that learning activities are being conducted as planned.
Assist the physiotherapy teachers to find practice subject patients 
Attends the lesson learn with physiotherapy teacher workshop working group every semester.

Financial Tasks

Follow up on budget expenditure of the physiotherapy training school in coordination with SCA Finance department and Project Management Unit.
Attest the cost of physiotherapy training school prior to Disability Manager’s approval.

Training Tasks

Transfer knowledge and skills to enhance the ability of the physiotherapy teachers in the regional office.

Tasks of inter organizational relation

Promote gender equality, non-discrimination with regard to ethnic, political and religious background
To participate actively in workshops, seminars & conference organised by the SCA management
Promotes good coordination with other SCA projects, all PO units and other units/department at KMO especially Disability Programme with regard to project planning, budgeting and other related issues

Tasks of relation with external agencies

Maintain good cooperation and coordination with TIQRA Project consortium partners.
Maintain good cooperative relation with the national and provincial authorities, UN agencies, NGOs and other stakeholders of the Project and Disability Program in general.
To participate actively in ensuring broad understanding and acceptance by local communities of the Disability Programme projects and SCA in general
To actively ensure community participation in DISABILITY PROGRAMME projects

Miscellaneous Tasks

To actively contribute to the successful development and good reputation of the SCA
To do any other duties assigned by the Disability Project Manager in the regional office or by TIQRA project senior officer.

Application Procedures:

Interested qualified candidates should submit a full CV (maximum four pages) with a cover letter explaining their motivation in applying for the job and highlighting their relevant skills and experience;
To apply online please send your application / CV to               
Subject line must be: (Re-Announcement Physiotherapy Course Coordinator, HRM / MRMO 30-19) otherwise your application may not have considered.      
Candidates may also submit applications by letter (hard copy) directly to the SCA HRM Unit in either Kabul, Ghazni, Kunduz, Wardak, Taloqan, Mazar-e-Sharif, Laghman or Jalalabad;
Academic certificates or references need not to be submitted at this time. These will be requested if called for interview.
Only short-listed candidates will be invited for written test and interview.


Job number:

HRM/MRMO 30-19

Duty station:


Application deadline:

21 September 2019