Kabul local chapter

Kabul Local Chapter (KLC) is one of the 13 local chapters of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) established in 2011 by the request of a number of committed Afghan (both employees and friends of SCA) and approval of SCA Board.  KLC follows the same principles, role, and regulation applied by the other local chapters based in Sweden though the activities are set as per the context in the country. The main reason for the establishment of the KLC was to have a forum to coordinate, collaborate, and facilitate the activities of the SCA members in Afghanistan.

KLC Objectives 

To provide SCA with its guiding views and opinions to the forming, reviews, and implementation of its strategies, policies, and short and long term programming in consideration of the Afghans values and culture.
To inform/make aware the people of Afghanistan of the SCA’s activities in the sectors of Health, Education, Disability, Rural Development, Human Rights, Advocacy and etc. and to promote the fundraising activities of SCA in Afghanistan.
To take part in arrangement of awareness sessions, shows/displays, seminars, and films in regard to the culture and traditions of Afghans to the people in Sweden and to the SCA visitors from Sweden in Afghanistan.  

KLC presently has more than 250 members (female and male) and an executive board members of seven persons (3 female and 4 male) both from Kabul and other provinces. The board has since its establishment has had four annual meetings, a number of executive board members meetings, and meetings with the SCA board members, Secretary General and other visitors from Sweden. The KLC has been represented at the SCA’s Annual General Meetings in Sweden by its elected representatives since 2012 (1 female 3 male).