Wardak Regional Management Office

Wardak Regional Management Office (WRMO) implements Education, Health, Rural Development, and Disability (Inclusive Education) program in more than 2000 villages of Maidan Wardak and Bamiyan provinces.


Wardak Regional Management Office (WRMO) Education program is active in all 9 districts of Wardak province and in two districts of Bamyan Province. Education program in total have 626 classes including 7 coaching classes and 61 nomadic classes in around 150 villages of Wardak and Bamyan provinces.

Last year (2018) the program initiated a pilot project of Inclusive Education. Inclusive Education means having children learn together in a friendly environment without any form of discrimination. It means appreciating the differences in children and their learning styles. Inclusive education looks at the potential of the child not the disability, not the poor background, not the ethnic group, not the religion, sex or any other thing that tends to categorize children and discriminate them against others.


Health Project (SEHTMANDI) in Maidan Wardak province as per survey 2018 by Central Statistics Organization (CSO) of Afghanistan, serves population of 655,460 in the 2000 villages. Health project currently provide services through 72 health facilities in the province, which includes one Provincial Hospital, two district Hospitals, five Comprehensive Health Centers+ (CHC +) four Comprehensive Health Centers(CHC), 25 Basic Health Centers (BHC), 33 Primary Health Centers (PHC) and one prison clinic that provide health services to prisoners in Maidan Wardak prison. In addition, health program run two health education schools: Community Midwifery Education (CME) and Community Health Nursing School (CHNE). Moreover, health program have 288 health posts across the province.

Rural Development Program (RDP)

Rural Development program have two functional areas:

The Citizens' Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) is active in Jalriz, Maidan Shahar and Behsood no. 1 districts of Maidan Wardak Province. The direct beneficiaries of the program are 177,854 individuals of 26,169 families in 330 villages in the stated three districts of Wardak Province. The Citizens' Charter National Priority Program aims to build united villages, neighborhoods, cities, improve the relationship between the Government and its people and reduce poverty by providing basic services.
Engineering Section: Engineering section is active in construction works all over the coverage areas in the region responsible to do constructions related to health and education facilities. For instance, schools, clinics, school and clinic surrounding walls and water supply and sanitation system for the facilities etc.