Statement on the employment of Shkula Zadran

As a consequence of a tweet she published on March 20, SCA has held a dialogue with employee Shkula Zadran to underline the importance of respecting SCA core values at all times.

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Shkula Zadran is saddened by the various interpretations and strong reactions caused by her tweet.  She did not mean to escalate the rhetoric or incite violence. She has reiterated her support of the core values of SCA.

“My statement was triggered by anger and disheartenment over the constant and senseless violence. I have discussed the matter with SCA and want to confirm that I very much share the core values of SCA. I fully support SCA’s vision of an Afghanistan where human rights are respected and all live in dignity, enjoy equal opportunity and social justice,” Shkula Zadran says.

In agreement with Shkula Zadran, SCA has concluded that going forward, she will best serve the organisation and its mission in a new position within SCA to which she will be reassigned with immediate effect.

“Shkula Zadran is an important voice for the Afghan youth, for women’s rights in Afghanistan and a respected employee of SCA. We are satisfied with her assurance that she understands the imperative importance of upholding SCA’s impartiality at all times,” says Andreas Stefansson, Secretary General of SCA.

In light of recent events, SCA will initiate a review of the organisation’s guidelines regarding SCA employees expressing opinions on social media and in other contexts.

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