Students of Shamon schools| Photo: Salima Biglary 

Children of Shiram wish to have a school

When we talk about school, you may imagine a nice building with a green view, a big yard with big classrooms, but some wish to have only a school with Boundary walls and a black board.

Shiram village in Keshendi district of Balkh province in one of the rural areas which is located far from center of the city. Like other places, lots of kids are living here with lots of dreams and hopes, and most of their dreams are similar, to have a school and a classroom…

Last year Swedish committee for Afghanistan conducted a survey in this village. As per the findings SCA planned to build a new building for the students of Hazarat Shamoon school. SCA’s Construction Unit started the construction of the school in November 2017 and will finish it in next 3 months. Kids are waiting and really excited to see their new school building.
Kids in Shiram village only had one classroom in Hazrat Shamoon school, but that wasn’t enough for them. So they had to study under tents in hot summer days and cold winter days.

Shiram village’s residents specially kids are appreciating SCA’s job and say:

” Swedish Committee for Afghanistan made our dreams come true we all thank SCA…”

Salima Biglary

Senior Communication Officer

Northern Regional Management Office


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