Parwan Management Office (PMO)

PMO implements health projects in Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshir provinces and is located in Charikar city, Parwan province.

Covid-19: The project aimed to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and strengthen the health systems’ preparedness by increasing public awareness, conducting surveillance, ensuring supplies, and screening visitors.

Learning for Healthy Life (LHL): Women are empowered through increased awareness and decision-making abilities regarding health. The project includes training of illiterate women, basic math education, promoting of reproductive health services utilisation, and activities to raise awareness of gender and human rights. In 2022, approximately 1,250 illiterate women enrolled in LHL classes and received educational materials.

Parwan Diploma Midwifery Education (PDME): The project aims to address the high infant mortality and maternal death rates in Afghanistan. 24 students are currently studying at the PDME center. These students are expected to graduate in 2025.