Parwan Management Office

Parwan Management Office covers Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshir provinces. The office implements COVID-19 projects.

Project brief: Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshir provinces are located in the northern part of Afghanistan, the estimated population in these provinces are 186,700 in Panjshir, 479,895 in Kapisa, and 711, 621 in Parwan province.

On 27 May 2020, the Ministry of Public Health contracted out the ERHSP (Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness) services. Under the ERHSP project, the COVID-19 pandemic is posing a huge threat to the whole country including Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshir provinces.

The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) is committed to continuing its partnership with the Ministry of Public Health Afghanistan to keep on effectively responding to the COVID-19 emergency in Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshir provinces. Under the Afghanistan COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health System Preparedness project, SCA is effectively and efficiently combating the spread of coronavirus across the provinces. SCA puts all its efforts to ensure that COVID-19 response in the mentioned provinces is guided through MoPH national policy guidelines.

The overall objective of the project is to protect the citizens of Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshir provinces from the spread of CoVID-19, mitigate its threat and strengthen provincial health systems preparedness and capacity to respond to public health emergencies.

SCA’s combat to COVID-19 in Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshir province will be guided through the following objectives of the “Afghanistan COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness” project:

a)         increasing public awareness and promoting healthy behaviors concerning CoVID-19
b)         conducting community surveillance and early detection of COVID-19 suspected cases
c)         managing and isolating suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19
d)         supplying oxygen, medicines, and other materials regularly
e)         Ensuring proper screening of visitors/clients at points of entry which may include flights,

To properly respond to the objectives of the project and effectively tackle the COVID-19 emergency in Parwan, Kapisa, and Panjshir provinces, SCA implements the ERHSP project with the utilization of the below approach at the provincial, district, and community levels:

The provincial-level response mainly focuses on leading the COVID-19 response activities in terms of improving coordination, risk communication, public awareness, case management, and service delivery including oxygen and medicines supply.

At the district level, the activities mainly focus on leading the COVID-19 response activities in terms of strengthening coordination, District Center (DC), Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) re-distribution, risk communication, and public awareness, community-based surveillance, and case management and service delivery.

At the community level, the COVID-19 response’s main activities are strengthening coordination with RRTs, District Center, risk communication, public awareness, and community-based surveillance. This mainly capitalizes on the existing community structures and human resources. As observed during the assessment some community structures were inactive; SCA supports their reactivation and engagement in response to the need to strengthen community-level awareness, surveillance, and response.