Taloqan Regional Management Office

Taloqan Regional Management Office (TRMO) implements Education, Rural Development/ Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP), and Disability (Inclusive Education) programs in 1,216 villages of Takhar, Badakhshan, Kunduz and Baghlan provinces.


Taloqan Regional Management Office (TRMO) Education programme is active in all 10 districts of Takhar province, 1 district of Badakhshan province, 9 districts of Kunduz Province and two districts of Baghlan Province. The education programme in total has 857 classes including 19 coaching classes and 14 nomadic classes in around 205 villages of Takhar, Kunduz, Badakhshan and Baghlan provinces.

In 2015, the program initiated a pilot project of Inclusive Education. Inclusive Education means having children learn together in a friendly environment without any form of discrimination. It means appreciating the differences in children and their learning styles. Inclusive education looks at the potential of the child not the disability, the poor background, the ethnicity, the religion, sex, or any other thing that tends to categorize children and discriminate.

Rural Development 

The Rural Development program has two functional areas:

The Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) for 3.5 years active since 2017 which has been extended for 2021 in Kunduz city and Aliabad district of Kunduz province. The direct beneficiaries of the program are 173,448 individuals of 25,553 families in 300/CDCs, villages in the stated two districts of the province. The Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program aims to build united villages, neighborhoods, cities, improve the relationship between the Government and its people and reduce poverty by providing basic services.

Engineering Section: The engineering section is active in construction works all over the coverage areas in the region responsible to do constructions related to education facilities. For instance, standard schools building, and additional construction works like surrounding walls, water well, water supply and sanitation, other renovation and repair works in the cited facilities.


Disability Project of Taluqan Regional Management Office (TRMO) provides opportunities for men, women with disabilities to enjoy equal rights with all others to health, education, employment, and participation in public life and in which they are protected from all forms of violence. This programme implements both community and institutional-based rehabilitation programs along with the inclusion of disability in health, rural development, and education programs. it is working in 19 districts and 722 villages of the north-eastern provinces of Afghanistan. In 2020, a total of 5076 persons with disabilities and some other patients were benefited. This programme makes effort to improve mobility and functions of persons with disabilities through the provision of physical rehabilitation services, vocational groups and individual training, awareness and physiotherapy from physiotherapy centers and other field activities.

Taloqan Regional Management Office

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COVID-19 Weekly Update: TRMO

Taloqan Regional Management Office Introduction: Badakhshan, Takhar, Kunduz and Baghlan provinces are covered by Taloqan Regional Management Office. This office implements Education, Rural Development, and Disability programmes in more than 800 villages. Taloqan Regional Management Office also has a Liaison Office in Kunduz.

Special Education in Taloqan

Taloqan Regional Management Office In a special class at SCA's school in the city of Taloqan in northern Afghanistan, concentration is high. Five pupils with different types of vision and, or hearing impairments focus on teacher Rohulla Mohammad Attah's instructions.

SCA hands over the Bakhmal Basi High School to Takhar Education Department

Taloqan Regional Management Office The Bakhmal Basi high school was inaugurated and under an official ceremony handed over to the Takhar Education Department. Bakhmal Basi village is a remote area in Rustaq district where the education department was unable to provide quality education. Abdul Nasir Noori, Education Manger in Rustaq district said: “Since 2007, SCA is covering this school and […]

Construction of a school building abolishes the agony of illiteracy in Weerouf village

Taloqan Regional Management Office Quality education plays an essential role in the development of rural communities. Construction of a local school in the Weerouf village of Warsaj district of Takhar province plays a vital role in the improvement of literacy, reduction of violence against women and enabling a good family environment. Imammuddin, council chairman for Weerouf and Dani Dara villages, […]

From Humiliation to Glory – The Story of a Boy Activist

Taloqan Regional Management Office Sayed Tabish, 17, lives in Taloqan city of Takhar province is a member of Boys Activist Group (BAG) under the SCA men and boys engagement project. They are four brothers with no sister in their family and lives within a big household of uncles and cousins. He shared his story on how the men and […]

SCA to build a pipe scheme that will supply safe drinking water to 13 villages of Rustaq district

Taloqan Regional Management Office Today the Governor of Takhar province inaugurated pipe scheme project, which will be implemented by the rural development program of the North East Office of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA). This project brings safe drinking water to the village of Bakhmal Basi and 12 other villages that were suffering from lack of healthy drinking […]

Changing one’s life takes a strong determination

Taloqan Regional Management Office In a remote Makhmal Basi village at Rustaq district of Takhar province a person apparently with half a body would like to be the agent of change both in his life and his community by moving his wheelchair forward. He is now eighteen and when he was two years, he got paralyzed due to polio. […]

“Our tradition does not allow men to uncover any part of a woman body for treatment.” Fatima

Taloqan Regional Management Office 242 physiotherapists are being trained with an aim to address the lack of physiotherapists in Afghanistan through a project named Towards Improved Access to Quality Physical Rehabilitation in Afghanistan (TIQRA). This project is designed to support the government of Afghanistan in improving the public health services delivery, focusing on expansion and better access to quality physical rehabilitation in

I am the Hero of my village

Taloqan Regional Management Office “I am not disabled anymore. I would stay together with you and pay the costs of supports you provided me and convert my living condition to goodness and smile,” Gul Murad said the first day he entered his village in a wheelchair