Jalalabad Regional Management Office

Jalalabad Regional Management office (JRMO) covers Nangarhar, Kunar and Laghman provinces. The office implements Disability, Education and Rural Development programmes. Around 592 villages are getting benefits from SCA operations in these areas. The office also has a liaison office based in Mehtarlam of Laghman province.


JRMO’s Disability Programme is progressive in Kunar, Nangarhar and Laghman provinces.

DP currently covers Khas Kunar, Sawki, Narang, Shegal districts and Asadabad in Kunar, Surkhrood, Behsood, Kama, Goshta and some parts of Jalalabad city and will shortly phase in Rodat District in Nangarhar and Qarghayee district& Mehtarlam in Laghman province.

DP programme is working for two types of rehabilitation of persons with disabilities:

1: CBR (CBR Community Based Rehabilitation)

2: PRC (Physical Rehabilitation Center)

CBR (Community Based Rehabilitation) of persons with disabilities includes home-based therapy, educational and economic rehabilitation, and empowerment of persons with disabilities through supporting their organizations and groups and sensitizing for their rights. 

Components of CBR

Health: Community Based Rehabilitation Workers (CBRWs) take persons with disabilities under Home Based therapy and continue their work to ensure the maximum level of the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

Education: children with different disabilities like children with visual and hearing impairments, children who have learning difficulties at any level and persons with cerebral palsy are taken under center and home-based education to enable them to get ready to be mainstreamed in regular schools

Livelihood: those persons with different disabilities who are above school age are enrolled in different vocational and technical trainings to enable them to learn different vocations through which they can generate their own income and become economically self-sufficient

Empowerment: the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) especially Disabled People Organizations (DPOs) and Self-Help Groups (SHGs) is developed through the provision of small grants and practically involving them in the management and regularly conducting trainings for developing their capacity

Social integration: social integration encompasses the enrollment of persons with disabilities in the socio-cultural aspect of the society, providing them opportunities for recreation and sport leisure and integrating them to the society

2.       PRC: Physical Rehabilitation Center provides center base physical rehabilitation services for persons with disabilities that encompass three sub-components.

Physiotherapy: Treatment and prevention of disability and providing services to men and women with disable and non-disabled clients, provide center-based and home-based treatment and awareness of congenital abnormalities, teaching and awareness to house job medical students and trainings to OBS /GIENY doctors, nurses, midwives, and pediatric doctors.

Orthopedic workshop: provide services to the disabled and non-disabled clients by the provision of mobility aid devices such as orthosis, prosthesis modified shoes for club foot, neck collars etc.

Component workshop: provide services to disable/ non-disabled clients, assistive devices such as a wheelchair, Tricycle, walking frame, elbow crutches, axillary crutches, CP sets, toilet sets etc.


Jalalabad Regional Management office (JRMO) Education program has active in Nangarhar, Laghman and Kunar provinces. The program is covering 11 Districts in Nangarhar, 3 Districts in Laghman and 2 Districts in Kunar province.

JRMO education program has totally of 551 Classes including 531 Normal Community Based Education Classes (CBE) 5 Coaching classes,14 nomadic classes and 1 preparatory Education class at 106 villages of Nangarhar, Laghman and Kunar provinces.

Rural Development 

The Rural Development program has two functional areas:

WASH/ construction and CGLP (Community Governance and Livelihood Project).

WASH (water access sanitation and hygiene)/ Construction: JRMO’s Rural Development program conducting WASH, Solar, gravity flow and pipe scheme network projects in Rural areas of Nangarhar and Kunar provinces. WASH/ CLTS (Community-Led Total Sanitation) is implementing in the Rodat District of Nangarhar province. The program covering 21 CDCs in this district in the year 2021. This program has announced 55 CDCs open Defecation free for the past 3 years.

CLTS is the component of the WASH project under the JRMO’s Rural Development program and the main objective of the project is to change behavior regarding the open Defecation free.

However, JRMO’s Rural Development program is actively engaged in School Construction, construction of new School Buildings, surrounding walls, water well, water supply and sanitation. The program upgrading Schools and provision furniture’s to students for instance Chairs and Desks.

CGLP (Community Governance and Livelihood Project):

The community governance and livelihood project is under implementation in Kuz Kunar and Goshta Districts in actively providing supports to 66 CDCs through different programmatic packages, saving groups, Skill development trainings, producer groups, productive loan, capacity building and marketing since 2017 up to now.

The calendar year 2021 project plan, will provide skill development trainings for 200 men and women saving group members with close coordination of CDCs representatives, established livelihood committees and line government authorities.

Around 6511 Direct beneficiaries including 2666 women and 3845 men are getting benefits from RDP’s CGLP activities. There are 411 saving groups are established and 6500 members did save about 14831400 Afs yet.

Around 6511 Direct beneficiaries including both men and women, 2666 men and 3845 women are getting benefits from SCA’s CGLP activities. Saving groups are 411 established by SCA, 6500 members and did saving around 14831400 Afs.

Meanwhile, 1147 individuals received loans from the established saving groups in Khew and Goshta District of Nangarhar province.

Laghman Liaison office:

Laghman liaison office is implementing School Health, Learning for healthy Life (LHL) and Smart paper Technology (SPT) programs.

The School health program is implementing in 5 schools including 2 girls’ in the province. The health program aims are screening of Students, Greenery of the School Environment, student’s checkup, health education and treatment of simple cases.

Moreover, SCA is educating illiterate women and girls in the reproductive age groups in Laghman province to make them able to make decisions regarding their reproductive health through a project called “Learning for Healthy Life (LHL)”. 

Smart Paper Technology (SPT) program: My Child Card is an innovative child card with a digital component that allows child health data to be captured on paper by health workers and subsequently scanned and uploaded to secure service for digitization. It supports child registration, individual follow-up on children’s vaccination schedules. The project is currently being Implemented in 55 health facilities of Laghman.