In 2022, 109,023 (girls 65,423 boys 43,597) enrolled students in SCA-supported schools are attending Community Based Education (CBE). Up to 25% of all students attending CBE schools in Afghanistan are directly supporting by the SCA Education Programme.

SCA has been involved in education sector since 1984 by engaging in capacity development, advocacy and service delivery. Aiming at equal access to quality educational opportunities, the programme is implementing in 14 provinces covering around 84 districts. As part of its service delivery, SCA has been supporting Community Based Schools (CBS) since 2006. Around 110,930 (60% girl) students are attending SCA supported CBSs. Out of this around 3363 (1395 girls) are children with disabilities who are mainstreamed in government schools.

The programme supports CBSs in line with the Government of Afghanistan Community Based Education (CBE) policy, in which the Ministry of Education (MoE) partners with NGOs to establish and run CBSs aimed at increasing access of children to educational services in remote and rural areas where adequate school coverage is lacking. SCA supported CBS’ exist in some of the most remote and underserved areas of the country, providing education to marginalized children, including the most vulnerable such as girls, children with disabilities, and children from the nomadic (Kuchi) communities.

Other excluded children living in the target areas of SCA operations also receive educational services from SCA. To improve children’s access to education, SCA also works with local community structures such as local leaders, religious leaders, School Management Committee (SMCs) and parents as well as education authorities at national and sub national levels to ensure children in target areas have equal access to quality educational opportunities.

Beside that SCA Education programme run Teachers and Institutional Capacity Building programme for the government teachers. The Teacher Educator Master’s programme started in 2011. The TEMP3, which is the fifth batches is planned to start in September 2022.