The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) Education Programme (EP) consists of Service Delivery including Community Based Education (CBE) and Coaching Classes, preparatory education classes for Children with Disabilities (CwDs) and mainstreaming them in schools.

Capacity Development of teachers, local education authorities, community-based organizations (School Management Shuras and Teacher Elected Councils), as well as advocacy for the rights of all children to quality inclusive education in remote areas.

Through coaching classes, the girls who dropped out of school enrolled and continued their secondary education. Children with special needs got support through inclusive education in mainstream schools and preparatory education classes.

To ensure the health of students and help the environment, SCA Education Programme gave awareness regarding personal, environmental, and menstrual hygiene to the students, teachers, and parents of the students in the target schools supported by SCA.

The SCA Education Programme is implementing a project for teacher professional development that is called Multi-Model Approach for Teacher Professional Development in Low Recourse Settings (MATPD) in consortium with the Tata institute of social sciences in India, Vila College in Maldives.

Intending to ensure quality education and familiarize students with Education technology, SCA Education Programme implementing the Edtech project, in which the students receive support by establishing EdTech labs in the target schools. The mobile library is one of the elements of this project which will be utilized in the target schools to convince the students, youth, and communities for enhancing their interest in reading.